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Why Security Awareness Training?

If you're here, you know the risks your business is exposed to. Every day one of your employees can be the target of a cyber attack that is easily averted. We build effective solutions for helping you quickly assess and train all of your employees.

What makes us different?

We don't make your employees sit through tedious training, then give them a test to see how well they retained it. We care deeply about security and even we struggle to sit through those.

Instead we have your employees interact with Vector, our security training bot. Vector presents them with simulated emails, web pages and questions drawn from real world scenarios your employees are likely to see. You can learn more about Vector by visiting our Product Tour.

So how can you get started?

If you're curious about how our system works, just click the Try the Demo button and see for yourself. No forms to fill out and no personal information to give away. Just a chance to see Vector in action and get a taste for how he works with your employees.

Tried the demo and liked what you saw? Outstanding. Now you can Sign Up for a Basic Plan. We don't ask for a lot of information—just a few fields. Plug in or upload your employee list, click a button and see where your company stands. For free.

Finally, if you've done the assessment and decide you would like us to help you, that Basic Plan can be upgraded to a Pro Plan and you will have immediate access to our full range of automated services for ongoing training.

We hope we can earn your business.

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